Darrkenium and what it means

I have a livejournal. It's where I post personal things and random crap that goes on in life. But whenever I post something about my craft - writing - it seems out of place in the journal about my life.So - this place. Darrkenium, a suitably irrreverant and ridiculous title, but it's as good as any. Ask me sometime what it means and maybe I'll tell you.

I'm Tomas L. Martin, I write book reviews for and also a lot of fiction of various smells and flavours. Screenplays, novels, short stories, novellettes...A common theme in my stories is wierdness. Fantasy, horror, science fiction, slipstream. Anything where it isn't quite like real life. You get to look at real world issues but from that slightly diffferent angle.A lot of what I imagine will end up here is writing talk - and for me that's more plot talk than individual words and styles. I like the ideas of structure forms and outlines, in theory at least. I should think every now and then I'll be motivated to write some big spiel about one side of writing or another. Feel free to comment if you read and/or enjoy it.