Transtories now available as an ebook

Last year I had the pleasure of selling a story to Aeon Press' anthology Transtories, edited by Bristol SF author Colin Harvey. Sadly, Colin passed away before the book could come to press, but I think it's a wonderful collection that pays testament to his skill as an editor. As well as my story 'Harmonic', it contains excellent stories by Rob Rowntree, Joanne Hall, Aliette de Bodard and Lawrence M. Schoen. The theme of the book was anything to do with words that begin with 'trans' - a syllable that means change, transformation, and other intriguing things. My story 'Harmonic' tells of Ward, a young psychic boy growing up in a world where alternative realities slide past each other and crash into each other like tectonic plates, merging and mutating the people and places that live beneath them. When a particular violent changestorm threatens to rip him apart, Ward must do everything in his power to protect himself and the girl he loves. You can buy 'Transtories' as an ebook from the Aeon Press website, or

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By Colin Harvey