Migrating to Squarespace

I have been a writer for more than ten years, and have been blogging on livejournal, blogger and facebook for a similar amount of time, although my posting regularity and medium has changed over the years. I was also a daily blogger on the excellent Futurismic for a year, posting about science, technology and geeky stuff. 

Over the last two years, I have had a lot more fiction publications, and am working on three novels, including one for a confidential project I'm very excited about. As my fiction career begins to get serious, I've realised that I really need an official site to represent it, and so I've migrated these seldom-read blogs across to my new website at TomasLMartin.com.

I'm using Squarespace 6 to design and host my website, and have found the backend incredibly efficient and easy to use, although there are still some features I used to use in Wordpress that I understand are not yet operational (migrating posts, customised layouts, etc). I've dabbled in programming during my masters project (particle physics simulations using C++) and my PhD (atomic structure simulations using CASTEP/Fortran), but I've never been truly fluent at it. Squarespace allows me to make a good website without having to resort to that level of technical input (unless I want to). Here's to the new website!

Listening to: Thievery Corporation - The Richest Man in Babylon
Reading: Junot Diaz - Drown
Watching: Homeland series 2