Maelstrom's Edge shipping soon!

So after 4 and a half years of work, and many hundreds of thousands of words, Maelstrom's Edge is making its final steps into the public domain this month. Our Kickstarter backers will be getting their copies soon, as we ship the first collection of box sets into the wider world. 

Over on the Maelstrom's Edge website, the store is starting to come together, and those that didn't back on the Kickstarter can order copies of the boxed game, as well as hard copies of the two novels that Stephen Gaskell and I cowrote for the project, Maelstrom's Edge: Faith and Maelstrom's Edge: Sacrifice. For those that prefer ebook format, it's of course still available on Amazon Kindle. 

It's been a lot of work to get it to this point - we've spent the time since the Kickstarter refining the rule and fluff content for the 144 page rulebook, as well as all the associated content - the back of the box, the flyers, etc. Everything is more or less back from the manufacturers, so the boxes will be assembled and sent out to our first backers.

I'm really proud of the work we've done to create the first two factions, the rules, the background and the miniatures, not to mention all the fiction we've written (there's some great short fiction still to come!)

I'm also very keen to start exploring the next phases of the project - the fluff section of the rulebook hints at the future factions we want to explore. I'm a big fan of all of them, whether it's the gladiatorial spec-oc teams of the Remnant Fleet, the rag-tag warbands of the Broken or the high-tech of the Comm Guild's Darkener operatives hunting down rogue AI. But the ones I'm particularly excited about expanding into miniatures are the two alien races - the many-bodied creatures of the Tragunite Host, who can reassemble their coral-like component organisms into different larger forms, and the freaky bio-enhanced posthumans of the Kaigus Pact, gangly creatures that have evolved from humanity's first forays into space, twisted after millennia living in low gravity. 

We have loads of plans for future miniatures, rules and fiction, and hopefully when people see the quality of our first release they will be excited too! The more successful our initial box set, the easier and quicker we can move onto the new factions, as well as fleshing out the armies of the Epirian Foundation and Karist Enclave. So we hope that our loyal Kickstarter backers enjoy their first taste of Maelstrom's Edge in the Battle for Zycanthus box set, and please spread the word if you do - the more players we have, the faster we can explore the wider universe we've created!