The Maelstrom's Edge Kickstarter is live!

So after three and half years hard work in our spare time, the Maelstrom's Edge project has finally seen the light of day on Kickstarter - see the video below to see what we've been working on!

Maelstrom's Edge is something I'm very proud of - not just the two novels but also the background, models and game - Jon Regul has done a tremendous job writing a really clean and concise skirmish ruleset which is a lot of fun to play, and the multipart plastics are a job to build, convert and paint. Everything is very close to finished so the time to delivery after the Kickstarter finishes should be much quicker than for many projects - we hope to deliver before the end of the year. 


Now the long road of development is nearly over and all that's left to do is watch what happens - it's both exciting and extremely nervewracking!