The Maelstrom's Edge Kickstarter is finished!

It's been a long and bumpy rollercoaster ride for all the people at Spiral Arm Studios who've been working on the Maelstrom's Edge project over the course of our 41-day Kickstarter, but we finished with an amazing 813 backers for a combined total of $70,105 raised!

We added loads of content to the $90 sweet spot pledge over the last few weeks, and hit several of the stretch goals we really wanted to hit - getting the funding to record 4 more audiobooks (likely to be 2 by Stephen Gaskell and 2 by me) at $55k, and getting through $60k is really great as it means the larger models like the Hunter and Angel get their own custom-made bases, which is really important to me as a modeller as I can convert more great poses.

And literally 1 minute before the end we got to the $70k stretch goal where all backers get free digital copies of my first novel (co-written with Stephen), Maelstrom's Edge: Faith. It would be really exciting to have more people reading it!

Writing for Maelstrom's Edge has been a blast and the money we've raised ensures we have the best possible launch product we can, and also helps us begin planning for the design of future content - new units, new factions and new novels - exciting times!